Temperature control and measurement in IVF labs

How you measure and what you do with the information is critical

IVF laboratories commonly maintain operating and culture conditions within a narrow temperature range of 36.5 - 37.5 ⁰C. It is important to maintain this constant temperature, as prolonged periods could affect the development of the gametes and embryos and the quality of the culture media. Prolonged exposure of cultures to temperatures other than optimal 37 °C, reduces the ability of fertilization and greatly reduces the ability of cell division or cleavage, growth, implantation potential and subsequent achievement of pregnancy.

How accurate are temperature display readings?

In some cases, precise measurement is crucial

Validating the temperature of equipment accurately and continually is difficult. In particular, smaller incubators, such as benchtop incubators used in IVF laboratories and CLIA rules specify that it is not acceptable to rely solely on the external display readings. 


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