Loggistix is Thermodata’s cloud based service that collects readings from monitoring devices worldwide and stores the data in a common repository. The data is accessible by authorized users 24/7 via the Web, for analysis, reporting and sharing.

Features of Loggistix

Centralized repository for monitored activities

  • Collect and integrate data from our range of device offerings - loggers and fixed sensors.
  • Collect data from multiple sites worldwide.
  • Collect data from shipments between sites.

Notification of key events and alerts

  • Receive alerts on temperatures out of range and communication failure.
  • Receive event notifications and data availability.

Reduce potential operational errors

  • Specify operating parameters to suit your products and requirements.
  • Simplify user tasks with pre-set configurations.

Central system administration

  • Administer sites, users and business rules in the administration dashboard.
  • Nominate Administrators at global and/or individual site levels.
  • Provide user access to specific sites and functions.

Ready access to comprehensive view of data

  • Search and view data via the Web anytime and anywhere.
  • Generate ad-hoc and periodic reports for quality control and exception management.

Enhanced data and system security

  • The Loggistix service is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Your data is continually backed-up at multiple datacenters in the Azure infrastructure to minimize potential loss.
  • Protected by Microsoft Azure Active Directory security technology.
  • Inherently compliant with data integrity requirements such as 21 CFR Chapter 11.