Food Safety

At Thermodata, we understand your requirements and challenges for maintaining a safe production and cold chain environment that is compliant with your quality systems and regulatory requirements.

Validate production methods with precise temperature data.Reduce spoilage by monitoring the efficient operation of fridges and freezers.Manage the viability and quality of your transported products.


Take Control of Your Production and Cold Chain Compliance Efforts

Thermodata helps you protect the viability of your perishable products during your manufacturing and cold chain activities, providing accurate, reliable and continuous temperature monitoring.

Reduce your risk exposure – Monitor efficient operation of fridges and freezers and take timely corrective action to minimize loss.

Simplify quality assurance efforts – Validate your equipment and production methods with precise data, readily accessible 24/7 via an internet connection.

Reduce spoilage and minimize waste – Identify optimal fridge and freezer settings to reduce electricity wastage and ensure food is stored accurately.

Enhance Your Quality Assurance Efforts with a Flexible System

The Thermodata system is an easy-to-use, NIST traceable and scalable temperature monitoring system that includes:

The Thermodata system assists with the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for temperature monitoring compliance.

It is flexible and scalable - from a single refrigerator or delivery vehicle to globally distributed operations. You select your combination of hardware required and scale up the management of your processes on Loggistix to fit in with your needs.

Some applications include:

  • Determining the shelf life of temperature sensitive products.
  • Ensuring the correct timing and temperature of you perishable products throughout chilling, freezing and thawing activities.
  • Temperature confirmation of the pasteurization and sterilization processes.
  • Ensuring your food deliveries are sent and received within the correct temperature range.


Thermodata Sentinel

Thermodata Sentinel Wi-Fi monitor


The Thermodata Sentinel is a fully self-contained Wi-Fi temperature monitor with an accuracy of ±0.25⁰C in the calibrated range of -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F), ideal for refrigerators and freezers.

It provides a clear readout of the internal temperature and a visible indication if the temperature is out of range. The continuously collected data is transmitted to Loggistix and alert notifications are sent to designated users if temperatures are out of range or data transmission is interrupted.

The monitor is fitted to the outside of existing or new refrigerators and the calibrated sensor is positioned inside the unit, without damaging door seals or requiring modifications to your equipment.On expiry of the calibration period, simply swap out the sensor for a newly calibrated one, with minimal downtime and no technical expertise required. Read more

Food Production

TH Button

TH Button with Calibration Certificate

The TH Button is a calibrated logger, with an accuracy of ±0.25⁰C in the calibrated range of 10 to 110°C (50 to 230°F).

As this device has a wide temperature range and operates above boiling point, it is suitable for monitoring processes during the cooking, smoking and serving of food products to verify that the food has been kept within the applicable temperature range for the duration.Read more


General Use and Transportation

TL Button

TL Button with Calibration Certificate


  The TL Button is a multi-purpose calibrated logger that may be used throughout the cold chain.

  It has an accuracy of ±0.25⁰C in the calibrated range of -30 to 70°C (-22 to 158°F).


Use the TL Button to monitor:

  • Activities during chilling and freezing to verify that food products are processed in accordance with regulatory requirements and that product quality, such as texture and color, are maintained.
  • Temperature in transportation vehicles to ensure that the temperature is maintained within the applicable range.
  • Temperature of perishable products during shipment by placing a TL Button in the package or container. When the shipment reaches its destination, the readings are uploaded to the Loggistix cloud service. Authorized users are immediately notified and are able to access the information via the Web.

The Data Downloader is a robust, small, portable and easy to use device that makes quick work of collecting readings from the TH and TL Buttons. Instead of having to connect each button to a USB Reader that is connected to a PC, simply download the data with the Data Downloader and upload the data to the Loggistix cloud service. Read more