Data Downloader

The Data Downloader is robust, portable and easy to use and makes quick work of downloading data from the T Buttons.

Key features

  •  Measures 82 x 50 x 19 mm (3¼ x 2 x ¾”) and weighs 60 grams (2 ounces)
  • Touch the Data Downloader read head to a logger and the data is downloaded in less than four seconds
  • Audible and visual notification of download success or failure, including notification when data is outside high or low limits
  • There are no written or verbal signals, no push buttons or other user inputs and only single colored LEDs that light up to display specific alarm indicators.
  • Each LED indicator has dual indicating functions:

LEDS of data DownloaderDuring download function, the LEDs flash to indicate the status of the data downloaded and whether the temperature recorded has gone above or below the monitored temperature limits

When the Data Downloader is connected to a PC, the LEDs indicate the battery charge status. • 4 MB memory capacity stores data from 340 T Buttons

  • Safely stores downloaded data in its flash memory. The collected data will not be lost if the device runs out of battery power
  • Uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery which, under average use, should last at least 3 years and provide several days stand-by time between recharges.


   1 - Dual mode LED indicators – Each LED indicator has one of two meanings depending on whether or not the USB port is connected.

   2 - Reader port – Connect to the logger to download data.

   3 - USB port – Connection forthe USB cable to your computer for data upload and charging.

   4 - Audible indicator – The Data Downloadermakes a variety of sounds to indicate that the self-test is complete, data download was successfulor data download failed. 

   5 - USB cable – This is a standard USB A – mini B cable. A 12 inch (30 cms) cable is supplied but any standard USB cable may be used to connect to the Data Downloader.