The art of incubating chicken eggs

Incubating eggs can be a hit and miss activity if correct temperature, humidity and ventilation are not maintained.

Mothering is not one of our strong suits here at Thermodata, but we have decided to try our hand at it! Unfortunately, we don't have the wisdom of ‘mother hens’ that know exactly how to turn an egg into a chick. So we had to follow a few guidelines!

Step 1 - Set-up the Incubator

This part was easy. We used a store bought incubator with a fan and thermostat, but there are a few things we had to make sure we got right, namely:

Midwestern fish don’t like the heat

 Fish do not appreciate water that is too warm and deoxygenated.

As warmer temperatures and nicer weather approach, fishermen are getting ready to cast their lines and stock up on bait--that is, if they didn’t spend the winter huddled around holes in the ice for hours to catch the occasional fish. While humans prefer warm weather and warm water for their escapades, the same cannot be said for many fish species in the Midwest, especially as the average temperatures of rivers and lakes continue to increase.


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