Hello Chicks

Temperature and humidity have significant impact on successful egg incubation.

Things got interesting during the last stage of our egg incubation experiment.

It difficult to maintain even temperature as the thermostat in our office is not reliable. As a result, the ambient temperature fluctuated quite a bit during this stage and it was a challenge to maintain steady temperature and humidity levels in the Styrofoam incubatort within 37.2 to 37.78 ⁰C (99 to 100 ⁰F).

The science behind chick hatching

More about the development of the incubating chicks...

We are now in week two of our journey. All is progressing well. We have been careful to maintain the humidity and temperature levels so far…

Let’s take a quick look at our set-up and the development of a chick.

We are using a small Styrofoam incubator with an in-built temperature control and fan.

To maintain the humidity level, we have a bowl of water.


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