Control heat when grilling

Temperature is critical!

I don’t have a lot of experience grilling but over the 4th of July weekend, I got thinking about how much of a science cooking a barbeque can be!

Heat spontaneously flows from a hotter to a colder body and temperature (or more to the point temperature difference) is what drives heat transfer.  Cooking is all about heat, how it propagates through food and what is the resultant impact on the food.

In order to cook anything, we need the following:

Bloody mosquitoes

More, much more food ...

The ‘Little Fly’, was reported as early as the 16th century. 

Mosquitoes thrive in warm temperatures above 80 ⁰F (around 27 ⁰C). At less than 50 ⁰F (10 ⁰C), they shut down for the winter as they are cold-blooded insects. The adult females of some species (there are 3,500 different species) find holes where they wait for warmer weather, while others lay their eggs in freezing water and die. The eggs hibernate and the lavae hatch when the temperature warms up sufficiently.


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