Protective capsules for Thermochron temperature loggers used in sterilizers and autoclaves

Test results for protective capsules for Thermochron temperature loggers used in sterilizers and autoclaves.

Thermochron® loggers are small and light enough to record changes of temperature quickly. However, they are not waterproof and will not withstand the pressures inside sterilizers or autoclaves. A number of capsules are available to protect these loggers against liquids and high pressure conditions. However, a protective capsule may slow the response of the logger to sudden changes in temperature.

This test was conducted to determine the thermal performance of two types of protective capsule during a sudden extreme change in temperature.

HACCP Calls for Calibrated Temperature Monitors

Thermodata's laboratory, accredited by NVLAP to ISO17025 standards, can help you.

Seafood HACCP Regulation, 21 CFR 123 and the Control of Communicable Diseases regulation, 21 CFR 1240, require processors of fish and fishery products to develop and implement HACCP systems for their operations. This new guidance represents the agency's current thinking on the hazards associated with fish and fishery products and appropriate controls for those hazards.

"Calibrate the temperature-indicating device against a known accurate reference device (e.g., a NIST-traceable thermometer) at least once a year or more frequently..."


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