Mull over some wine this fall!

Here is some information on how vintners do it...

As the quality of wine is easily influenced by temperature, wine makers use temperature control to slow down or accelerate the winemaking process or to control chemical changes in the wine. This technique is frequently used during fermentation, cold settling, aging, and storage.

During the primary fermentation, the yeast cells feed on the sugars in the must (the grape juice) and multiply and in the process produce carbon dioxide and alcohol. Due to the exothermic nature of fermentation, temperature increases as sugars are metabolized

Vaccines get cold during flu season too!

Are Good Vaccines!

The flu season is almost upon us and so is the time to consider getting our annual flu shot. For some of us, a flu shot is not a pleasant activity … but there is more to vaccination than just needles!

Proper vaccine storage and handling is an important factor in preventing and eradicating many common vaccine-preventable diseases. Yet, each year, storage and handling errors result in revaccination of many patients and significant financial loss due to wasted vaccine.


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